The Epic  Rise & Fall Of The WingMan 


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As Real As They Come

When Perception Becomes Reality

Wingmen TV

The WingMen Experience

Fast Paced And Completely Original . WingMen is Authentic, Organic And Very Relatable , So Audiences Immediately Connect. Shot Over A 5 Year Period, This Epic Comedic Mocku-Series Employed Talented Camera Ninjas Exploring Various Styles Of Shooting To Tell A Story Like No Other. Rooted In The Present Day, The Show Takes Place Mostly in Reality, Accentuated By Fantastical Flashbacks, Delusional Flash Forwards, With a Lineup of Cartoonish Side Characters.

The WingMan

WingMen TV

Rick aka “The WingMan” a Successful purveyor of chicken wings, who turned $100 into a 100 store chicken wing chain, only to lose it all to his staff of Misfits.

The WingMan is accustomed to being overlooked, ignored and even laughed at. He Brushes it off, continuously pressing on, conquering, and leaving in his wake a sea of Broken Promises.  His life is a prelude to something bigger than himself, sparked on by a lifetime of adventures filled with Divine Accidents.

Mitch approached the somewhat reluctant Rick and offered his services as an Executive Producer in exchange for a credit.  Unbeknownst to Mitch, he was cast to play a Delusional version of himself.  This Real Idea took Flight and has since Soared to places many thought not possible. You see… Authenticity is hard to Fake and When your show is based on an IncredibleTrue Story, it’s bound to be.

Mitch Wolfe

Wingmen TV, Mitch The Executive Producer

The Executive