WingMen is a hilarious peek into the incredible true life story of Nicolas Smiciklas, who turned $100 into a national multi-million dollar chicken wing chain only to lose it to his ridiculous staff of misfits. This off-beat Mockumentary follows the lives of five fat guys in their fifties and their road to redemption.

Season 1 Episodes

Take Flight

After opening his 100th Wingmen franchised restaurant, Rick appoints the stern-faced Rob Stuart as the new president. Friction forms between Rick’s ridiculously irresponsible friends and Rob. To help him get his life together, Rick buys a bakery for his most delinquent friend - Franco.

Mid Life Crisis

Franco realizes he knows nothing about running a bakery, and resorts to asking for help from his arch nemesis, Rob. Instead of learning to perfect his buns, Franco invests his time into a questionable online dating app. Will he find the girl of his dreams and finally turn his life around?

Franco Bakery

Rob gets into an explosive fight with Franco over the dazzling incompetence shown in the opening of Franco Bakery. But instead of minding his own work, Rob plays hooky and gets up to trouble of his own. Meanwhile, Rick is already developing a fresh restaurant concept - a fish and chips joint named The Codfather.

The Pig Roast

Franco and Mild Ricky struggle for control over the bakery, putting their friendship at risk. And will Rob get into deep trouble after Lars threatens to spill the beans about his whereabouts?

The Barber Shop

While Rob is away on vacation, Gary, the substitute president, goes on a mission to uncover the mooches in the company. Billy, Mild Ricky and Lars form a pact to get Gary fired so they can continue their freeloading ways. Meanwhile, Rick is already onto the next project - another surprise gift for his favorite failure, Franco.

Mr. President

Has Rick reached the last straw financing Lar’s flailing business, Boss Hogg Limo? Secrets come out and it’s finally payback time for Rob Stuart. In the chaotic aftermath, Franco seizes control of Brooklyn Market as an imposter, and uses his newfound power to continue the hunt for a girlfriend and a boyfriend.

California Dreamin'

Rick decides to take Billy to Beverly Hills so they can “swing their bats” at Miss America herself. Meanwhile, Lars stays behind and meets Rick’s childhood friend, Gino, and the gangster concierge, Johnny Kim. Taking advantage of Rick’s absence, the trippy trio tries to throw the party of the century in his luxury rental condo.

The Towel Lady

Heartbroken over his lousy luck in love, Franco drunkenly orders Midnight Escorts. But when the girls finally arrive, Mild Ricky reveals he has another ace up his sleeve. Franco and Mild Ricky’s age-old “paisan” status is put to the test again once again by the arrival of Destiny - Rick’s mysterious towel lady.

Does The End Justify The Means

Franco puts his private investigative skills to the test, and finally unearths the shocking secret of what Mild Ricky really does. After a string of hilariously unsuccessful blind dates, Billy decides to stop swinging that bat for good when he finally finds “the one.” Meanwhile, Rick’s crooked lawyer, Dirty Doug, sets up a brutal scam.

Winter Wonderland

Desperate to make ends meet, Franco takes on a dangerous P.I. gig and uncovers a juicy secret. Lars reaches the end of his rope as his new hire, Vivek, somehow manages to be even more inept than he is. Meanwhile, Billy struggles to keep it in his pants as he prepares for a whirlwind Vegas wedding with Nikki.

The Bachelor Party

In the bittersweet finale, tension reaches a breaking point as the guys fight over the spoils of war. Will Billy overcome his old instincts and step up, or will Nikki be left at the altar? And can the dysfunctional crew survive intact after the bachelor party of a lifetime?


Season 2 is almost ready, stay tuned!

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