Follow the epic rise and fall of the Wingman.
Based on a true life story.

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the WingMan • the Myth • the LEGEND

The son of a Croatian pioneer, he was born to be wild. His father was a hardworking man’s man, tough as nails and casting a large shadow over him, like the sun eclipsing the moon. Throughout his life, he regularly heard that he would never amount to anything, so when rock bottom arrived, he started to believe the naysayers. That is, until one stormy night – March 16th, 1999. Blessed by the heavens, he received a gift that would change the course of everything in his life, a beloved newborn daughter. The very next day a legend emerged from the ashes of his sorrows. Saddling up one last time, with one hundred dollars in his pocket, one beloved daughter to feed, and one desire in his heart, he set out on a quest that would overcome the odds. As the legend goes, the Wingman preferred to remain anonymous. That is until…


What is a WingMan without his loyal and dysfunctional WingMen